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Microsoft’s Free Virtual Machine Images

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Microsoft’s Free Virtual Machine Images

Where to get pre-made Windows virtual machines for free and what you can do with them.

Navigating Windows Explorer By Keyboard

Many people like navigating by keyboard.  It can sometimes be faster and more efficient then using a mouse once you get the hang of it.  Here’s two useful shortcuts that may help in that regard To open up Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), simply hold the Windows key and press E.  No matter where you…Read More »

Rearrange Apps on the Taskbar

Some people prefer to keep certain applications open in a certain order on a taskbar.  Here’s an easy way to keep them positioned; or rather, shuffle their position on the taskbar Taskbar Shuffle This handy app works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. (Originally published on

Access Microsoft KB Articles Quickly

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, chances are you’ve run into problems at some point and have been directed to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base articles.  Here’s two ways to access a specific article, so long as you have the number: Copy and paste this URL into your address bar, but don’t hit enter yet:…Read More »

Copy Error Messages Instead of Retyping

While this is a simple enough tip, not everyone is always familiar with keyboard shortcuts and what you can and can’t highlight. So, when you come across an error message dialog in Windows, take your mouse and highlight the text, press CTRL+C to copy the text, open up notepad, Word, or any other text editor,…Read More »

Which ATi Drivers Support What?

There’s been a little bit of confusion over some of ATi/AMD’s Catalyst drivers and what each one supports, so I’ll go over them here in the blog briefly. Catalyst 5.11 is one of the older “safe” driver sets, and one of the last to come with the ATi Control Panel, rather than the .NET Catalyst…Read More »

Convert Files to PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be fairly useful.  They’re standardized so that no matter what Operating System or reader software you use, they are all displayed in the same way (you can use FoxIt, Sumatra, or Adobe Reader). For instance, if you have an MS Word document, but the person you need to show…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System: Part III – Automating the Backup

Scheduling an automatic backup will be the last step in this series of the Simple Backup System (be sure to take a look at Part I and Part II before diving into this one). Through the course of both articles, in order to perform a backup, you have needed to do it manually.  The downside…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System: Part II

You should have had the chance to give the “Create a Simple Backup System” a whirl by now, but if not, you should probably at least read it first because I’ll be pressing right ahead with the next step of the process: backing up multiple directories with one .bat file! So, last time you should…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System

If you’re like most computer users these days, backups are nearly non-existent in your little digital work area. Here’s something that will take maybe 15 minutes of your time to figure out, which will allow you to backup a good portion (or all; if you want to go that far) of your stuff. The time…Read More »