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Taming Pandora Music Radio is quite a nice web application. If you’re not familiar with Internet Radio, it’s a way to stream music to your computer according to may want to listen to, without having to create mixes of music on your own. Most of the time, there’s no audio advertising, which was one upside to mixing your…Read More »

Reveal TinyURL Links

While TinyURLs can sometimes be handy and short and pretty to pass around and post in your blog, they also effectively hide the original URL.  What this means, is that sometimes, people can hide all sorts of URLs behind it, including those you may not really want to visit. Here are two ways you can…Read More »

Forget Adobe Reader, View PDFs Online

Some have found Adobe Reader to be annoying, bloated, and just a plain pain in the rear.  There are alternatives like FoxIt, but if you want to abolish PDF readers all together and still be able to look at the occasional PDF, here’s a nifty service called Google Docs Viewer ( is no longer a…Read More »

Use a Domain Name Instead of Your IP Address For Remote Access

Having to remember your home IP address, especially when it changes from time to time, is rather handy, especially if you tend to use VNC, SSH, Remote Access, or any number of other things to access your home computer/network.  Here’s how to do it: Register for an account at  This is a dynamic DNS…Read More »

Access Microsoft KB Articles Quickly

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, chances are you’ve run into problems at some point and have been directed to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base articles.  Here’s two ways to access a specific article, so long as you have the number: Copy and paste this URL into your address bar, but don’t hit enter yet:…Read More »

What’s in a Google Cookie? Can They Track Me Online?

During the mid to late ‘90s, I remember the common treatment towards browser cookies at the time was to set your browser to not accept any cookies at all.  “They are evil”, “They contain private/personal information”, “They will damage your computer” were some of the more common statements at the time.  For the most part,…Read More »

Your Guide to Spyware

Spyware in General Spyware: a term computer users have been hearing about more and more often during their travels through the World Wide Web, or through visits to the repair shop. Spyware is something that has been becoming increasingly common on systems. A system brought online with no protection is completely vulnerable within the first…Read More »