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Which ATi Drivers Support What?

There’s been a little bit of confusion over some of ATi/AMD’s Catalyst drivers and what each one supports, so I’ll go over them here in the blog briefly. Catalyst 5.11 is one of the older “safe” driver sets, and one of the last to come with the ATi Control Panel, rather than the .NET Catalyst…Read More »

NOTICE: Apple Battery Recall

First Dell, now Apple. Last week Dell was in the headlines for a massive notebook battery recall of 4.1 million batteries. Apple just stepped up to the plate 10 days later with a battery recall totaling 1.8 million batteries. As with Dell’s recall, Sony batteries are at fault. The recall appears to only affect Apple…Read More »

Sans Digital MS2C1 Drive Enclosure Review

Introduction External hard drive enclosures are quite handy to have these days. You can use them for backups, you can use them for transferring files, or you can even use them for general storage bins for some of your data (especially if you’re in to multimedia). The Sans Digital MobileSTOR Series MS2C1 drive enclosure is…Read More »

What to Do When a Damaged Package Arrives

I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with a damaged package of parts I ordered from ZipZoomFly over a week ago.  Let me just say that although ZZF offers great deals and has regular “free shipping” offers, you don’t really know how that costs you until you have to deal with their support…Read More »

Reuse Old Hard Drives

If you’ve had a computer (or computers) for a while, most likely you’ve accumulated a few hard drives through the result of upgrades or friends who couldn’t find a use for old drives. Now, you might have room in your tower for these extra drives, or you might not.  Or, you might even be using…Read More »

What is the REAL capacity of your drive?

It’s been known for years that the way manufactures tally up hard drive capacity and the way computers tally up capacity are slightly different.  We, as people, use the decimal system to count, as do the manufactures of hard drives.  Computers, on the other hand, use the binary system. Binary is base 2.  Two states—on…Read More »

SLI Technology

Introduction In the summer of 2004, nVidia released a new technology into the gaming market. The nVidia Corporation is known primarily for developing and supplying GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), motherboard chipsets, and contributing to other forms of multimedia hardware. The latest buzz about nVidia centers around developments made with GPU and chipset technology. These technologies…Read More »

Icemat Siberia Multi Headset Review

There’s nothing better than sitting back and listening to music and hearing it as if you were sitting right there at a live concert, letting the music flow through you, send electrifying currents down your spine.  The hardware on your ears all the way to the quality of the recorded tunes you’re listening to makes…Read More »

Computer Maintenance & Care

If you are reading this, it’s a fair bet that you have a computer sitting in front of you, be it a PC, laptop or Mac.  You use it, and so it sits; fans whirring or water pumps humming.  The average user just leaves the machine alone and lets it do its thing.  It’s sometimes…Read More »

Data Recovery: Data Loss and Drive Failures

As fate has it, you wake up one morning to discover your machine will not boot. “Of course this can’t happen to me, it only happens to ‘other people’.” No matter what you think, hard drive failures can happen to anyone. You. Me. The neighbor down the street. The business owner downtown. It doesn’t matter….Read More »