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Create a Simple Backup System: Part III – Automating the Backup

Scheduling an automatic backup will be the last step in this series of the Simple Backup System (be sure to take a look at Part I and Part II before diving into this one). Through the course of both articles, in order to perform a backup, you have needed to do it manually.  The downside…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System: Part II

You should have had the chance to give the “Create a Simple Backup System” a whirl by now, but if not, you should probably at least read it first because I’ll be pressing right ahead with the next step of the process: backing up multiple directories with one .bat file! So, last time you should…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System

If you’re like most computer users these days, backups are nearly non-existent in your little digital work area. Here’s something that will take maybe 15 minutes of your time to figure out, which will allow you to backup a good portion (or all; if you want to go that far) of your stuff. The time…Read More »