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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Create a Simple Backup System: Part III – Automating the Backup

Scheduling an automatic backup will be the last step in this series of the Simple Backup System (be sure to take a look at Part I and Part II before diving into this one). Through the course of both articles, in order to perform a backup, you have needed to do it manually.  The downside…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System: Part II

You should have had the chance to give the “Create a Simple Backup System” a whirl by now, but if not, you should probably at least read it first because I’ll be pressing right ahead with the next step of the process: backing up multiple directories with one .bat file! So, last time you should…Read More »

Create a Simple Backup System

If you’re like most computer users these days, backups are nearly non-existent in your little digital work area. Here’s something that will take maybe 15 minutes of your time to figure out, which will allow you to backup a good portion (or all; if you want to go that far) of your stuff. The time…Read More »

Reuse Old Hard Drives

If you’ve had a computer (or computers) for a while, most likely you’ve accumulated a few hard drives through the result of upgrades or friends who couldn’t find a use for old drives. Now, you might have room in your tower for these extra drives, or you might not.  Or, you might even be using…Read More »

What is the REAL capacity of your drive?

It’s been known for years that the way manufactures tally up hard drive capacity and the way computers tally up capacity are slightly different.  We, as people, use the decimal system to count, as do the manufactures of hard drives.  Computers, on the other hand, use the binary system. Binary is base 2.  Two states—on…Read More »