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How to use AutoPatcher

It appears that there has been some interest in using this handy tool instead of relying on MS for Windows updates, especially if you may have use for the updates again on other machines or because of a reformat.  However, there has also been a bit of confusion on how to get it and install…Read More »

Finishing the Automation Game

In my last blog entry, I wrote the generalized process I had to go through to create an unattended install CD for Windows XP SP2. Today, I’ll go through that in more detail. Before I do, let me point out the site I used as a primary reference: Unattended install The first step I…Read More »

Your Guide to Spyware

Spyware in General Spyware: a term computer users have been hearing about more and more often during their travels through the World Wide Web, or through visits to the repair shop. Spyware is something that has been becoming increasingly common on systems. A system brought online with no protection is completely vulnerable within the first…Read More »