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Find Open Source & Freeware Software Alternatives

Have you ever tried locating an open source software alternative for a common commercial package?  Two quick and easy references, and, have listings of commercial products and viable freeware or open source alternatives for those products. For instance, if you’re looking for an alternative to Photoshop, you can see a list of open…Read More »

Rearrange Apps on the Taskbar

Some people prefer to keep certain applications open in a certain order on a taskbar.  Here’s an easy way to keep them positioned; or rather, shuffle their position on the taskbar Taskbar Shuffle This handy app works on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. (Originally published on

Access Microsoft KB Articles Quickly

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, chances are you’ve run into problems at some point and have been directed to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base articles.  Here’s two ways to access a specific article, so long as you have the number: Copy and paste this URL into your address bar, but don’t hit enter yet:…Read More »

Simple Search In XP

If you use the Windows XP search function enough, you’ve probably come to dislike the way it’s set up.  Windows 2000 had a much simpler search interface that didn’t involve clicking around on menus or having to deal with the little dog avatar. If you don’t already have this installed, download and install TweakUI.  This…Read More »

Remove AVG’s “Scanned By” Message in Emails

If you’re an AVG user, you have probably noticed that at the bottom of your emails, you can see a “Scanned By AVG” message appended to the bottom of your emails. To stop that message from being attached, go into the AVG Control Center.  Double click on “E-Mail” Scanner.  Click “Configure”.  Uncheck “Certify Mail” under…Read More »

Copy Error Messages Instead of Retyping

While this is a simple enough tip, not everyone is always familiar with keyboard shortcuts and what you can and can’t highlight. So, when you come across an error message dialog in Windows, take your mouse and highlight the text, press CTRL+C to copy the text, open up notepad, Word, or any other text editor,…Read More »

Do It Yourself or Outsource It?

There’s a certain pride that comes along with Do-It-Yourself projects. You build them from the ground up, nurture them, and put them out for the world (or your workplace) to see. On the other end of the spectrum we have outsourcing. The word itself leaves a bad taste in your mouth considering all of the…Read More »

How to Clog Up Your PC in 10 Easy Steps

Computing habits often have an effect on how well your computer runs. If you’re aware of what can hurt your computer’s performance, you can save yourself some aggravation by cutting down the time you have to wait for software to load or Windows to boot. Here are ten ways to get your computer to run…Read More »