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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

11 years since its predecessor, 4 years in the making, and 25 hours of gameplay–does this highly-anticipated game live up to expectations?

Can Your Computer Run It?

Here’s an interesting site that’s useful in a pinch for determining whether or not a certain game will be able to run on your hardware: Can You Run It. Basically, you select the game from the dropdown and hit the “can you run it” button.  This will work in either IE or Firefox (sorry Opera…Read More »

Free Games

Tired of the same ol’ games you’ve been playing for months?  Can’t find anything new to play?  You’re in luck–Wikipedia has two lists of free games that you can download and play.  And no, most of them don’t fall under the category of cheesy flash-based games on the web.  Many of them are similar to…Read More »

Which ATi Drivers Support What?

There’s been a little bit of confusion over some of ATi/AMD’s Catalyst drivers and what each one supports, so I’ll go over them here in the blog briefly. Catalyst 5.11 is one of the older “safe” driver sets, and one of the last to come with the ATi Control Panel, rather than the .NET Catalyst…Read More »

Gaming is (Not) the Root of All Evil

Jack Thompson, out-there-over-the-top activist for anti-anything gaming has come up with another unsubstantiated claim of “gamer violence”, where he appears to put gamers in the same category with hit men. Interesting. Being a long-time gamer myself and one of the most easy-going and down-to-earth people you’d ever meet, most of what Jack Thompson has said…Read More »

Like Crickets in an Empty Theater

Sony has been spouting off about their PS3 so much that they’ve over-hyped it.  Not only that, but all the ridiculous PR statements that have come from Sony about the PS3 have turned a lot of people off (including myself).  When you have a product to sell, you promote that product, state what is and…Read More »

What Lies Ahead For Gamers?

The online geek/gamer comic strip Ctrl+Alt+Del (named after the infamous three finger salute), had a humorous strip a couple weeks back that poked fun at Microsoft’s new attitude towards PC gaming, and Sony’s typical way of futzing around with the batter too much before the cookies are actually done. Now, because of the strong language…Read More »

SLI Technology

Introduction In the summer of 2004, nVidia released a new technology into the gaming market. The nVidia Corporation is known primarily for developing and supplying GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), motherboard chipsets, and contributing to other forms of multimedia hardware. The latest buzz about nVidia centers around developments made with GPU and chipset technology. These technologies…Read More »