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Microsoft’s Free Virtual Machine Images

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Embed dll Files Within an exe (C# WinForms)

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Microsoft’s Free Virtual Machine Images

Where to get pre-made Windows virtual machines for free and what you can do with them.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

11 years since its predecessor, 4 years in the making, and 25 hours of gameplay–does this highly-anticipated game live up to expectations?

New Theme is Live!

The new theme for is live! There is still a lot of work to do with the new theme, but the basic framework is now up and running. Enjoy!

Falling Skies – Worth a Viewing?

Falling Skies is the new Sci-Fi drama airing on TNT this summer. Is it worth watching, or does it fall short? Spoiler-free review.

Embed dll Files Within an exe (C# WinForms)

A meticulous step-by-step tutorial on how to embed dll files in a C# WinForms application in Visual Studio 2008.

It’s Live! is now live! Currently, features over 100 articles written by Adam going back to 2004. The site’s template will remain as one of the default WordPress templates for now. The newest article–completely unique to–is an Introduction to Social Networking. Enjoy!

Introduction to Social Networking

This serves as a general, introductory topic on social networking, with terminology focusing on two heavy-hitters of the social networking landscape: Facebook and MySpace.

Taming Pandora Music Radio is quite a nice web application. If you’re not familiar with Internet Radio, it’s a way to stream music to your computer according to may want to listen to, without having to create mixes of music on your own. Most of the time, there’s no audio advertising, which was one upside to mixing your…Read More »

When Filling a Need Turns Into a Fiasco

The “Weekly Rant” column was featured in the PC Mechanic Newsletter since 2005. Topics relate to some aspect of technology, which include opinions on hardware, software, new technology, technology companies, and computing standards. To be successful, you must fill a need. Pretty much any occupation has evolved from needing somebody to fulfill a task, service,…Read More »

Reveal TinyURL Links

While TinyURLs can sometimes be handy and short and pretty to pass around and post in your blog, they also effectively hide the original URL.  What this means, is that sometimes, people can hide all sorts of URLs behind it, including those you may not really want to visit. Here are two ways you can…Read More »