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Monthly Archives: May 2006

What Lies Ahead For Gamers?

The online geek/gamer comic strip Ctrl+Alt+Del (named after the infamous three finger salute), had a humorous strip a couple weeks back that poked fun at Microsoft’s new attitude towards PC gaming, and Sony’s typical way of futzing around with the batter too much before the cookies are actually done. Now, because of the strong language…Read More »

Data, Where Art Thou?

As mentioned in my previous blog entries, I was working on getting a fresh installation of XP SP2 up and running on my primary workstation.  For those of you who were interested in the unattended installation process, no, the drivers did not install.  Apparently, the *.inf files needed to be in the root of each…Read More »

Finishing the Automation Game

In my last blog entry, I wrote the generalized process I had to go through to create an unattended install CD for Windows XP SP2. Today, I’ll go through that in more detail. Before I do, let me point out the site I used as a primary reference: Unattended install The first step I…Read More »

Starting the Automation Game

As I mentioned in the newsletter and a past blog post, I felt it was time to reformat my Operating System and start fresh.  I was currently running XP Pro SP1, which remained more or less untouched by hotfixes (aside from some of the really critical ones).   I’ve always been wary of applying significant Operating…Read More »

Work Can Be Fun

The “Weekly Rant” column was featured in the PC Mechanic Newsletter since 2005. Topics relate to some aspect of technology, which include opinions on hardware, software, new technology, technology companies, and computing standards. The CS/IT/IS field has got to be one of the most interesting fields out there today, and it surprises me that not…Read More »

Remember the KISS Theory

I was preparing the new template design for our html newsletter this week to keep things consistent, and there were a number of “extra” features to the new home page design that weren’t necessary, per-say.  Some of the special link effects with CSS and some of the header graphics just seemed like they would add…Read More »

LAN, WAN, Internet, Intranet…Hhuh?

Extranet, intranet, internet, Internet, LAN, and WAN…they all sound the same.  They all mean “network”, right?  Well, not quite. All these terms are different parts or kinds of networks, or compilations of networks. A LAN (Local Area Network), also known as an intranet, is a collection of computers on an enclosed network.  A LAN can…Read More »

Give a Hardy Handshake

Not to long ago, I had met with a client who was looking into getting a webpage designed for his business.  After we concluded our business, he left me with a handshake that kept bugging me hours after he left.  And it’s not the sort of impression you would want to leave somebody with. Which…Read More »