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Predictions for 2007…

Please be aware that this entry is over two years old. Therefore, it may contain broken links, outdated information, or views and content which are no longer completely valid.

The “Weekly Rant” column was featured in the PC Mechanic Newsletter since 2005. Topics relate to some aspect of technology, which include opinions on hardware, software, new technology, technology companies, and computing standards.

Last week I took a look at the predictions for 2006 that I made in 2005.  This week, I’ll take a look at what may happen in 2007 as we leave 2006 behind.  As with the last time around, I predict that only 4 of these will actually ring true.  Without further ado, here they are…

  1. A solid state alternative storage device will emerge as a viable replacement to current hard drive technology.
  2. To break the gridlock between the Blu-ray/HD DVD format wars, a third party will develop and release a combo drive that supports the reading both formats.
  3. The recording industry will lose a lawsuit, thus prompting a review of their lawsuit practices.
  4. A social networking service will die in a big controversy over the battle for privacy.
  5. MySpace will fail and will be shut down, and/or revamped into something completely new.
  6. After multiple attempts at purchasing social networking services, Google will finally introduce a new social networking service.
  7. RFID tags will start coming into mainstream use, but not without a few incidents of the theft of personal information.
  8. Due to performance, security, and DRM issues in Windows Vista upon its release to the general public, sales will stall and it will undergo a major overhaul to make the Operating System more end-user and administrator-friendly.
  9. A new web technology will evolve to overcome some of the (annoying) limitations of AJAX.
  10. A web-based, go-to alternative to Microsoft Office will emerge as the new affordable office suite.

I’ll see you back here in 2008 to see which of these come true!

(Originally published in the newsletter)