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Some of you may recognize that line from an Age of Empires game as an audio taunt.  However, that’s not the monk we’re looking for (Star Wars, anyone?).  The monk I’m referring to is the title of a TV show called “Monk” featuring a detective named Adrian Monk.  Now, this show is quite different than anything else you may have seen.  CSI, 24, X-Files, Law & Order…even if you’ve seen these shows, I’m sure you’ll find “Monk” quite entertaining.  Here’s why.

Adrian Monk could be effectively compared to a modern Sherlock Holmes…but, with a few distinct differences.  Monk solves all sorts of boggling crimes, which you can almost solve on your own after getting the hang of it, but there are always a few bumps in the road.  A Sherlock Holmes Monk may be, but what makes him different is that he has serious problems as the result of having a serious onset of OCD, as well as various common fears, such as heights, the dark, milk, elevators, snakes, germs, and enclosed spaces (among others).  It’s quite amazing how he’s able to go through life and participate in crime-busting adventures alongside his nurse/assistant/colleague, Sharona.

The show is rather entertaining and humorous at times, and after a while, you’ll begin to root for the guy over every little step forward he makes with all the personal challenges he faces.  Without a doubt, this isn’t your average detective show.

So, if you want to break out of the traditional mold for a while, be sure to check this show out.  I’m sure most of you who have even a remote interest in detective shows will appreciate the clever stories and interesting predicaments that Monk has to face.

(Originally published on a now-defunct blog)