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Sony has been spouting off about their PS3 so much that they’ve over-hyped it.  Not only that, but all the ridiculous PR statements that have come from Sony about the PS3 have turned a lot of people off (including myself).  When you have a product to sell, you promote that product, state what is and how it’s better than most products.  Sony has done this, but their comments about “throwing away your PC because the PS3 is all you will need” is ridiculous.  This webcomic portrays perfectly how many gamers are now viewing Sony and the PS3:

The reason why gamers buy consoles is not for the fancy hardware.  It’s for the games.  Saying that the console is better than a PC because of the high-end hardware doesn’t mean much if you don’t have anything to play on it.

There are three consoles I remember quite fondly because of playing specific games with friends–MarioKart for Nintendo 64, Mortal Kombat for the PS1, and Super Smash Brothers & Soul Calibur for Game Cube.  Personally, I didn’t care too much about which consoles had what…I used each console because of the games that were specific to them.  Otherwise, everyone would have used one specific console to play all the game titles.  Sony needs to learn this.

GTA is a popular title, and Sony recently botched the exclusive contract for it.  So instead of gamers buying the PS3 to play that specific game, the can get it on XBox, which a large portion of gamers already have, and thus, would see no need to get a PS3.  All Sony is trying to do now is downplay the popular title’s importance.

It sure seems like Sony has been tripping over their own shoelaces lately.

(Originally published on a now-defunct blog)